Lisa (surabufix) wrote,

Sandy Hook

2 years ago, was the tragedy that was Sandy Hook. It wasn't the first mass gun violence and not even close to the last. But it hit me, as a mom of a then 1 year old, very very hard. This gun violence was coming into schools more and more (and still more since, on average of every 5 days since Sandy Hook). My baby would be soon going to school. This could be her. she could have been one of those gunned down. Even now that thought makes me cry. I can not imagine how these parents went on. But of course, they had to. Some had other children, family that needed them. Some turned to action. And some, like me, who weren't personally involved, but felt it in their heart, also were called to action. This is why I'm involved with Moms Demand Action/Everytown. This is why I spend a lot of volunteer hours (every week) doing my little part

Because one day, it could be my friends child, it could be my child. Not a single one of us want that to happen. None of us want these school shootings. These accidental kid shooting other kids or themselves. It hurts my heart to read these stories and talk to gun violence survivors. Every time I think "that could be my baby". My tears fall for all the hurt guns have caused. Something must change. I hope to help facilitate that change in a small way, any way I can.

Today I dedicate my efforts to all fallen children, gun victims and their families, past, present and future. I light a candle for them all.
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